Swedegroup's consultants manage projects globally. We take part in all phases of the "project cycle" from programming to evaluation, and represent several fields of expertise.

Gender and environmental analysis, community studies and regional development are parts of our core qualifications. And so are local industrial development as well as rural development, especially concerning fisheries. Recently we have also strengthened our capacity concerning healthcare services, where there has been paid  large attention to our concept of "corporate healthcare".

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Swedegroup's Klippan Office is located in an old sugar mill from 1830 in a cultural preservation, close to the Gothenburg Harbour. Today the old industrial site is converted into a modern  industrial park, where about 100 SMEs reside. Click here for presentation of  SWEDEGROUP's CONSULTANTS from this office.

Swedegroup also has an office in central Gothenburg, the Jungman Office,  At present Swedegroup offices in  Estonia and  Sri Lanka make market contacts easier.       

The background of Swedegroup's recent activities will be found in a 4-page brouchure from -93, which also shows the early track record of our company. If you want to down load it, please click here for HISTORY.



Swedegroup's consultants take part of local industrial development in Colombia

Russian industrial development projects continue


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