The services offered are founded on our core competence built up from earlier experiences. These may be described in many ways. A basic classification of these will be based on earlier assignments performed in 1), different areas of the world; 2)different sectors of the society called “fields of expertise”; and   3),  type of service related to the project cycle.


In AFRICA Swedegroup has been granted jobs in many English-speaking countries: Some recent examples are Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. In Portuguese speaking countries we have spent several “consultant years” in all, covering for example Mozambique, Angola, and Guinea-Bissau. When it comes to Francophone countries Swedegroup is not that strong, as only few of us speak fluent French. We have had a few assignments anyhow, for example in Tunisia, Sudan and Senegal .  

Swedegroup’s presence in SOUTH AMERICA, in Spanish speaking  

 countries  cover following during the last 5 years: Chile, Colombia, Argentine 

CENTRAL ASIA is an important area for Swedegroup’s activities. Several large projects have been managed in India and Pakistan. A large project is going on at present in Sri Lanka

In SOUTH EAST ASIA Swedegroup have been active in Thailand, Viet Nam and Cambodia.

 Regarding EASTERN AND CENTRAL EUROPE Swedegroup was an early actor of the scene after the collapse of the 

Soviet system. As some members of the consultant firm had been active in the Baltic states before their independence, this mean a flying start after the independence and the start of the process of transfer into market economy. Poland and Slovakia were visited before, and some ten Russian republics or oblasts have been visited later.

In WESTERN EUROPE Sweden, of course, is the most frequented market place. Today, however, Swedegroup is also taking part of projects in Germany, France, Greece, Italy and Spain.



The core personnel of Swedegroup show advanced qualification when it comes to environmental assessments and gender analysis. General socio-economic analysis is often connected to this.

 Local economic development as well as regional economy and development are among our heaviest qualifications. Several persons of the staff are members of Regional Science Association (RSA). In activities in the third world projects have been made on extension services and training  

programmes. Rural development comes close to this kind of expertise.  

Energy resources and forestry has been approached in many assignments, some of them going on at present. Fisheries and Marine resources are also among our specialities, where projects have been managed in different parts of the world.  

The education sector is an important part of the qualifications of Swedegroup’s staff, especially for some persons with  advanced academic background.

  Projects on Human resources & social development, as well as health care, have been performed by consultants with heavy experiences from political administration in Sweden. The expertise field of institutional development & management comes very close to this.

 Industrial development, local industrial policy, privatisation and entrepreneurship development are also part of the core competence of Swedegroup



In rational descriptions of the so-called project cycle, a project usually is seen as started up after a programming phase. Swedegroup have made several assignments of these, from large programmes for national governments to small documents, e g terms of references for projects for some years to come.

 Before launching large projects assessments, or in more concrete situations or cases of limited scope, feasibility


studies, are made. In periods this has been the main source of income for Swedegroup.  

The last phase comes naturally: Evaluation needs discretion and wisdom, creative mind and long experience in the field. We are very proud to tell that in a quantitative portrayal of Swedegroup today, this category dominates our assignments.  Several members of Swedegroup are members of  European Evaluation Society which we see as an important forum for keeping up to date with new ideas in this context.

Project management concerns the implementation of the project. This field of specialisation, only possible for consultants with very long time spent in field activities, should be regarded as very important for Swedegroup. Several members of Swedegroup are members of PMI[1], which we see as an important forum for professional development.


[1] Since its founding in 1969, Project Management Institute (PMI®) has grown to be the organization of choice for project management professionalism. With over 70,000 members worldwide, PMI® is the leading non profit professional association in the area of Project Management. PMI establishes Project Management standards, provides seminars, educational programs and professional certification that more and more organizations desire for their project leaders