The consultants

Swedegroup AB has adopted modern organisation principles by using the project form for the corporation in itself. Several self owned smaller firms have gone together as part owners of the joint company Swedegroup. Together with a few  other specialists, these form the "core group" of  Swedegroup. The Klippan Office core group is presented below.

For every new assignment a team is picked together. Depending on the tasks specified in the terms of reference this team is recruited not only from the core group. Some hundreds of external consultants are also available in an external network, which Swedegroup works together with. In the ideal situation Swedegroup as team leader recruits high qualified specialists from Europe or USA, to work together with a small group of well repudiated local consultants. The world wide experiences of Swedegroup has been a comparative advantage for Swedegroup when recruiting domestic competence.

 The personnell connected to the Klippan Office include the following

Nylund-Grahm, Annika.  Sociologist and behavioural scientist. In about 4 years she made research on sick-listing for healthcare services and labour market relations. Later she has gained 20 years professional experiences in the connected area of vocational rehabilitation.

She participated in organisation and development of Arbetslivstjänster (later Arbetslivsresurs AR AB ) from the very beginning and was coordinator for the Borås office for 6 years. In doing this she has been part of the management group, acted as contact persons to various public authorities, handled local recruitment, worked as mentor, and upheld other internal HRM-functions.

Since the autumn of 2010 Nylund-Grahm is responsible for HRM within Nordiska Management Institutet AB, partner of Swedegroup AB.

Andersson, Lillemor, Nordiska Management Institutet AB. BA in Sociology and Psychology. Executive consultant.

After a long career in Swedish public administration Andersson has been working with development consulting focussing at participative approaches and mobilisation of  variuos ethnic groups' conditions of life. Problems connected to poverty alleviation, environmental imporvements, and gender aspects have been dominating. Since 1996 she has been working in South America,  located in Chile.

Besides development work she is a qualified administrator, trained coordinator and advanced translaor and interpretor, primarily between Spanish English and Swedish .

Andersson, Jesper.  Nordiska Management Institutet AB. Engineer in electronics. Data expert. Consultant.

In spite of his low age (or maybe because of his low age) Andersson has been working for Ericsson, Volvo. SAAB Ericsson Space, and other well-known enterprises with large ambitions in the communication sector.

Natural Sciences represent his main qualifications, but he is also experienced in organisational development.

He speaks Spanish at the level of  "rather good", and have been working in South America  for half a year.

Andersson works since a couple of years also internally with Swedegroup's communication system (but is not responsible for this home page).


Bull, Marianne. Bull Consulting. M.A. Sociology. Several years of experience of research on local communities and mobilisation. Senior Consultant.

Bull has worked as short-time consultant in Africa, Latin America and the Middle east, doing pre-studies, evaluations and appraisals.

She has special experiences in working as consultant in gender issues. She has, for example, been into gender training in the fishery sector, and paid special attention to gender aspects when analysing poverty situation in Western Africa.

Regional change, and especially development in sparsely populated areas, has been in focus of her interest since more than one decade. She made a substantial contribution to the last Swedish public investigation on regional policy for the future.


Börjesson, Anders. Nordiska Management Institutet. Business administration. Controller. Several years of experience in transport and forwarding. Administrator and Consultant.

Börjesson has worked as managing director in a smaller forwarding company in the late 60's, and later in more specialised positions in trade houses as well as Europe's largest shipping company.

In his position as controller, he is taking care of some of the administrative problems of Swedegroup today.

Occasionally he also works as consultant, when there is need for special qualifications concerning commerce and trade.


Dahlin, Hans.  AU-konsult AB. MA. Political Science. Senior consultant.

Dahlin has most of  his professional experience in the health care sector as a public employee. Two decade of consultancy following this has been performed in the same sector, but with more connections to the private sector. 

Swedish experiences on corporate health care services has been asked for in international seminars and practical experiments, both in Eastern Europe and South America. Dahlin has responded to this.

Today Dahlin pays a great attention to new and more efficient forms of call services related to urgent needs for care. This is a way of taking a part of the load off the public health care system, and saves money for private enterprises.


Grahm, Leif.  Nordiska Management Institutet AB. Professor in business administration. Executive consultant.

Grahm is most active in development projects Eastern Europe and Africa. South East Asia and South America is also attended.

His specialities is regional development, with emphasis on socio-economic aspects. Local economic policy, as performed by municipalities and other local actors, and entrepreneurship development are central issues.

Grahm has been most active in project management and performing evaluations in several sectors of the society.


Levin, John K G,  Scandinavian Management Support AB. MA in business administration. Executive consultant.

Before Mr Levin joined Sida , the Swedish international development agency, in 1981, he had made career as financial manager in Swedish industry.

As a project manager for development projects in Africa. He spent 10 years, responsible for managing aid and infrastructure development projects. During his work in Mozambique he was also responsible for the support to the Ministry of fisheries in aid project definition, making feasibility studies and acquiring financial means for new projects.

Since the beginning of the 90's Mr Levin has been an independent consultant, partner of Swedegroup, specialising in business development, planning, financial and organisational development as well as project management and strategics . As such he has participated in numerous feasibility studies and evaluations as team leader or expert on management questions.

Mr Levin has also dedicated himself to community services and has as board member held a number of  positions in the political life of the city of Mölndal and the region of  Västra Götaland.