Swedegroup has during the year 2000 expanded the Differentiation Project, and is just about to start up some new entrepreneurial activities in the area around Monchegorsk, Apatity, Kirowsk and Polyarnie Zori. As a part of this the Kola Nuclear Plant was visited, to discuss potential  projects on outsourcing, new subcontractors and others. The pictures below show some dramatic moments during Swedegroup's visit in December 2002  when the staff's preparedness for an emergency was tested by an American/Russian simulation programme.


Panic in the control room in the Kola Nuclear Plant?


No problems! Swedegroup's Leif Grahm takes command and prevents any burn out. 

Bjorn Naslund above, in his most becoming expert pose, is made visible in the polar night by the help of a sensible electronic camera. The Greenhouse in the background is one out of 20, covering an area of 4 acres. The Kola Nuclear plant is the owner, but an outsourcing process may lead to private ownership by several entrepreneurs.



The greenhouse projects will partly involve in testing of new miraculous hydroponics developed in contact with Kola Science Centre. Three generations of orchids from the same seed has proven possible, instead of the expected single generation. How will this work on salad, tomatoes, and cucumbers?

The greenhouses are heated by surplus coolant from the nuclear plant. In Iceland they have comprative conditions from geothermal energy. Ministry of Industry in Icland has expressed interest in cooperation for exchange of experiences


Vladimir Kotelnikov is the manager of the "Technopark Project", where some recent decisions on making a Technopark in cooperation between regional idustry and Kola Science Centre are taken seriously. The project development has started, and the process is backed up by students in the Science Centre.

The picture on the right is from  December, where Kotelnikov acts as public secretary during one of Grahm's workshops, which are part of a series of lectures on project management in Kola Science Centre.

These parts of the Murmansk region will be revisited during second half of February, and a new report will be given from some of the other projects going on in the area.








The Duisenberg Gesellschaft e.V. of Germany is supporting international cooperation and transfer of knowledge between Europe and Colombia. Out of a series of seminars on the concept of Technology Transfer, the fourth seminar was taking place in Medellin, targeting the Incubator of that city. Professionals from Incubators from all over the country visited the seminar, which lasted 18 - 25 of October 2002. Swedegroup's Leif Grahm gave contributions on Local Economic Policy experiences from projects in Russia, Finland, Latvia, Sweden, Germany and Greece.

Medellin, as seen from the beautiful hills surrounding the city  Utz Dornberger, Innoways, coordinator of the cooperation programme, Marcela Isaza Bravo, head of the Medellin Incubadora, Leif Grahm, Swedegroup senior consultant, and Torsten Schreiber, Inomic, participated in the seminar.

 Besides the entrepreneurial activities in Colombia they also dance salsa and sell groceries in restaurants.